Howdy there,

Seriously, I haven't been posting suggestions as much as I would have liked, but the team is doing such as amazing job that it's hard to make any in the first place! :P

Enhanced Building Tooltips

In any case, the suggestion here is pretty simple. When there is a building that targets specific terrain tiles, like the Forester's guild for example. It'd be great if the tooltip would list how much that town has of said terrain.

One thing I wanted to commend is how you managed to make those mom-like buildings more useful in general. I think that in MOM those buildings were ONLY for forests. So the base production boost is great to avoid having a 'useless' building eating up your upkeep. Good stuff!

City List Improvements

It would be great if there could be 2 additions to the city list screen.

#1 - Summarized controls for building & rush completion.

IE, have a button present on that list to rush a building construction. And being a little greedy here, have a dropdown to change/select a building or unit to train.

#2 - City Effects & Strategic Resources

Either have a pop-up tooltip when you hover or the city name listing the citie's current effects and strategic resources. This allows you easier control to fine-tune your worker/farmer ratios if a few towns suffer from a famine and the likes.

Keep it up! And get those darn Dark Elves in there, can't wait to try them out.