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Thread: Quickstart Guide for Worlds of Magic

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    Quickstart Guide for Worlds of Magic


    For those who are new to the game, here is a Quick Start Guide that will help get you on your way:

    Also, you may want to visit our FAQ if you have further questions: http://forum.wastelands-interactive....c-Launch-F-A-Q

    Happy hunting out there!
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    I like the Quick Start Guide. It provides a base set of information for new users. The Guide will be a great spot to start for those who have not been involved with the Alpha and Beta. And, of course, the Guide is helpful for those who (gasp) never played MOM (like my nephew for example.)

    One thought on the Installation section, however, how about a little love for us non-Steam users.


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    I plan to do a non-steam install guide before too long. We've just been busy lately, lol.
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    The quick start guide seems to be missing.

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