Howdy there,

Noticed on the last build that each time you build a town, it generates an error. And if you look at that town, before assigning a building. It will show 16 catapult as town militia, with 1 catapult in your unit box.

As soon as you allocate a building, it will properly update the UI and show whichever units you have in the unit box. And your Town Militia icon & number of units will be corrected.

Steps To Reproduce:

#1 - Create settler
#2 - Found new town
#3 - Open newly created town's city management screen

Results 10/10:

A) Development console reports the following:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

B) Town militia reports 16 Catapults.

C) Unit box shows a single Catapult.

Note 1: Once a unit or building is put into the queue, both B & C results are corrected.