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Thread: Increased Functionality of Cities List Menu

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    Increased Functionality of Cities List Menu

    Howdy there,

    There are a few things I think that haven't been considered when designing the Cities List menu, and this pertains mostly to end game or large games.

    There are currently no sorting options for the city list. Maybe it's just me but I cannot figure out what is the logic behind the order of the cities? They aren't in alphabetical order, nor are they in order of population.

    As I hinted above, it would be great to be able to sort your cities for easier management. By Name, Population, Production, Food, Mana, Research, etc. In end game, you really want to pick your best cities and optimize what they are doing. And without any sorting feature it's a bit of a hassle to manage large empires. I'm not even in another plane yet, and with 10 cities I have to sweep through the city list or switch through all city screens.

    This is just my opinion, but I'd be willing to forego the more button driven interface in the Cities List menu, and have a more 'chart/excel' look and functionality to it. This could thin out the height that each city takes in the current menu. I can't imagine how long the scroll will be once you occupy multiple planes and have 30+ cities. Not to mention find/skip to a city in particular. (I like long/large games. :P)

    I'm not sure if anyone in the team if familiar with Endless Space, but I would suggest someone has a look at their interface. It's the most sleekest interface I've seen in a 4X game. Their sorting options for empire management make handling large scale empires doable.

    Now that you, Wasteland, have managed to infuse the spirit of MOM into your game. It just needs to get a more modernized UI and it's going to be beyond amazing!

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