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Thread: Non DRM When ?

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    Non DRM When ?

    It's now two weeks after the surprise steam only release and there is still no game or even a timeline for a non DRM version of the game to be available to the non steam using backers.

    I was annoyed with the way the release was handled to start with and said as much at the time but have been quiet and patient since, now I think it's time to again remind you there are very many of us still waiting.

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    We know you guys are waiting. In fact, it's in the forefront of our minds. We do have a schedule for release, but I can't give you a date right now. However, I can tell you what's going on!

    The Steam release was rockier (a good deal rockier) than we had hoped. We ran into bugs we weren't expecting and the game's learning curve proved to be steeper than we had believed. With Steam we've been able to address these issues with an almost constant stream of updates. We can't do that with the DRM-Free release. (Well, not with the same level of convenience to the player.) So, we're working to get the game more polished before the DRM-Free release.

    We hope to get a vast majority of the bugs killed (to a great extent this has already been done), improve the UI, improve the AI, and add a set of scenario based tutorials to teach new players how to play. This is a good bit of work, but we're on it. I can tell you that we anticipate it taking a few more weeks, not a few more months.

    We're sorry for the delay, but we are working hard to make it worth your wait.
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    I am also waiting for the DRM-Free release. Unlike the OP I don't mind the wait because it just means that when I get Worlds of Magic it will be in much better shape. Thanks to the earlier Steam release all those Steam users are finding all the bugs and other flaws in the game that will be corrected when the DRM-Free version is available.

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    Aaron thanks for the up date and the candid assessment of the state of the game at release, it's not that I really mind the wait for a more finished game rather than the fact we only knew it was going to be a steam only release after the fact that disappointed and irked me a bit.

    I am still a bit concerned that you can't give an ETA for a non DRM release yet, but the rough timeline of weeks rather than months is good news to me.

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    We appreciate your patience!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greybriar View Post
    Unlike the OP I don't mind the wait because it just means that when I get Worlds of Magic it will be in much better shape.
    In fact you would be able to wait even if DRM-free version will be released now, while those who would like to play it in current released(!) state don't have such possibility.

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    I don't follow you, Allian. What do you mean?
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    I'm also amongst the people who still patiently wait for the DRM free release. I just don't hope we have to wait a other month for the DRM free release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    I don't follow you, Allian. What do you mean?
    I believe what he's saying is that while Greybriar may be fine with waiting for the DRM-free version until the game is "in much better shape" people who don't mind the DRM version have a choice. They can elect to play the game now in it's current state if they so desire while those wanting a DRM-free version have no such choice available to them. Allian seems to be saying he'd prefer to play the DRM-free version now, bugs and all, over having to wait for it to be "in much better shape".

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    Ah, I see. And I accept that point as valid. However, we are doing what we feel is going to be the best for the game. We plan to continue the development for a long time to come and are trying not to shoot ourselves in the foot. (Some would say: "shoot ourselves in the foot again".)

    In any event, we are working on it. And I feel the term "right around the corner" could now be applied to the DRM-Free version.
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