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Thread: Few things I've noticed witih new build.

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    Few things I've noticed witih new build.

    First off, the new build is INCREDIBLY more streamlined and improved than previous builds. I've actually got a fairly good game going, and was having fun up until a bunch of Draconian armies steamrolled my cities around turn 100. Those Hunters crit far, far too often, btw.

    Anywho, there are a few pretty big issues I've noticed. First off is the Esc button spontaneously stops working after a few turns. I'm unable to open the menu with it or cancel any commands. Not gamebreaking by any means, but annoying.

    Secondly, enemy army AI is still pretty pitiful. I'm constantly getting attacked by armies of spearmen and swordmen even after I've got walls up, so they sorta just stand there staring at me until I go outside and kill them. This is incredibly annoying.

    And finally, my BIGGEST gripe that I continuously run into in all my games...when I get an enemy down to a low HP, where they are represented by just 1 unit, they sometimes go into a 'miss' mode, where every single hit against them misses, even counter-attacks. I actually lost a battle against a lone Draconian Hunter because all my ranged and melee attacks were missing, and he beat me one unit at a time. This blew my mind ( and made me QUITE angry ).

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    We certainly need to look into the Esc issue. Can you take a look at your keyboard bindings the next time this happens? I would like to know if anything at all odd has happened to them. (It's a very long short, but it should only take a moment to check it.)

    The AI is due for another fairly major revamp in the next couple of weeks.

    The 1 HP invincibility issue is probably just bad luck... I've never had it happen myself. (And I realize you mean low hp in general.) Keep an eye on it and if you actually feel it's an issue we can take a look and see what we can find out.
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