Hello everyone, sorry for my english.
I really like WoM but there still huge amount of things you still need to finish.
Here some of them:

1. Game still contains a lot of system bugs. Crushes. Sometimes buttons are disabled etc.

2. Game sounds are at low level. All monsters make the same sounds when moving or use abilities or whatever. For example sprites sounds like zombies. No sounds from spells.
That is soo pity.

3. Animation is at low level. Great worm just dissapeared, Many spells have same animation.

4. Artifact creation in MoM was much interesting than here. It was like a separate game, it was nice and now it is a routine.

5. AI is a mindless but much better than in beta though

6. Game is inbalanced. But I understand this should be the last step.

7. Units should have initiative parameter. Or win those who acts first.

8. And many many other small things...
- I had ranger with sword for example called Autumn Leaf.-
- Undead dont produce gold, but heroes take upkeep in gold.
- Neutral cities guards too weak.
- Lairs rewards are need to be review: Why I get units in lairs? I have 6 heroes in my army and reward it 2 skeletons for example which I will dismiss.

Remember heroes 3? Remember combats there? Sounds are different by every creature, music is amazing, every ability and spell have its own animation. This is the only way to make a masterpiece

Good luck.