I used to try to play some text based adventure and I have to say, they give you a lot of room for imagination, and when the game is supposed to be creepy or something, reading the text really makes me feel creepy. However, my biggest headache with text adventure is the difficulty to visualize the location of the player character. In the game I go north, east, north, west, south.. ok where am I now, and how do I get back to Room X? lol

After I'm done with my current game project I kind of want to make a text based adventure. I want to make my own platform that provides better visualization of the game map. For example I can include a panel that shows a simple drawing of the local map and show player which room/location he/she is currently in. Also, to make it easier to navigate, I will have buttons and menu instead of having to input commands. There will be roughly four panels:

1. said map panel
2. button/control panel
3. main descriptive panel that displays description of the environment
4. context descriptive panel that displays description of selected object, conversation with NPC etc.

I want to make it a investigation-based game, maybe detective/crime related, where the player has to think of a next-step based on the items and clues collected.