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    Modding questions

    Apologies in advance if in my brief forum search I missed this already being answered.

    I finally got around to reading the XML files in StreamingAssets, and have a better (though still sparse) understanding of why, for example, units can't easily gain mana on level up. I was just wondering if it would be possible (and in line with your vision for the game) to increase flexibility just a little in modding; specifically (though not exhaustively), would it be relatively easy to treat mana, abilities, and unit upkeep similarly to health, attack, and saving throws - by which I mean, changable on level up? The whole strategic aspect of the game would change if, say, those crappy Spearmen got Toughness at level 7, and added a gold to their upkeep as well; or if you got an extra mana per level so after putting in the effort to keep your crappy Druids alive to level 6, they had just enough juice to get off one more spell per combat. Would it be possible to add a temporary effect to a spell that isn't an enchantment? Suppose that living beings don't much like being enslaved - maybe casting Slaveworks puts a 10% unrest penalty for ten turns on the town you hit with it, as the citizens deal with being press-ganged into building that stupid wall.

    I can't see the guts of the game, of course, and don't know if what I'm asking is unreasonably hard. But for would-be modders, a little extra flexibility could result in substantial changes to the tactical and strategic gameplay.
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    Sorry to bump my own thread, but since the topic is the same it seemed appropriate.

    I've been trying to fix the AI, but without access to the real processes there's very little I can do. I edited the starting units to give two settlers and one powerful unit to each race on world generation. I tried to make cities more interesting to the AI by increasing the QQ_Cities values in AIConstants (which I suspect are only for estimating worth/value in diplomacy, but I'm trying anything at this point). I took Cartographer to keep an eye on the other Sorclords. 10 - 12 turns into each of the three games I tested, the AI still had both settler units and the starting high-level unit in their capital garrison. What in the world is going on with the AI that even with free settlers and a top-tier unit to boost their army they won't even step outside and play?

    I see that you have build priorities based on city population for the various races, and I see that your "garrison army" specs allow for a large build-out, so I can understand why the AI might hold on to that Faradrax or Paladin (EDIT: Not the Paladin, actually, since your "Garrison" army type for High Men doesn't include unit ID 8, which is Paladins...), but not the settlers. Am I missing something, Aaron, or are the decisions the AI actually makes insulated from changes in the XML?
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