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Thread: Suggested AI Tweaks

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    Suggested AI Tweaks

    Apologies if there's an AI tweak sticky somewhere where I should be posting this. I couldn't find it.

    I've played for a bit now and I notice that the AI almost never builds powerful units. Even later in the game.

    I notice there's been a definite improvement in AI clumping armies since one of the recent updates but they're almost always stacked with cheap archers and melee units with the occasional cleric type. I've yet to see: unicorn riders, paladins, stag riders, doom drakes or for that matter any powerful summoned units even well after the point where their cities can build them. An army stacked with these would actually give me some cause for concern. As it is I just walk all over them with my 1 or 2 hero army and they can never take out my barely defended cities.

    Also would it be possible to stop archers attacking units with missile immunity? It's sort of annoying (due to being time consuming) watching 10-12 archers attacking Simbey the Sorcerer (or any mage) just because he's the only one on the field.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Oh, and you do make a very good point about the archers and missile immunity.
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