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Thread: request smaller trees

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    request smaller trees

    The beautiful map and objects are too obscured by the tall trees. I request that an alternative graphic be developed, and an option be provided to use it, wherein the trees are reduced a bit in height and size. Or at least those trees which occupy the same location as a special object.

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    You probably know this (since you mentioned it in your other post from yesterday, and MedievalNerd reinforced the answer) but if you switch to either top-down or "cloth map" view, it's much easier to see and select world features - and generally you don't need to select them anyway since if you move an army to the tile you can right-click to automatically interact.

    No idea if you'll get your simplified trees, but that's a quick and easy workaround until then. For what little it's worth, I had a hard time seeing some of the objects, especially on Fire and Paradise, because of the large trees and glowing spikes and such, but after a few hours of playing I got used to them and now never miss interactive objects - the only hard part is sometimes identifying what terrain type (plains, forest, etc) the tile is if it's next to/behind a tile with giant trees. I guess you could say I... <puts on sunglasses>

    ...can't see the forest for the trees.


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    We played around with letting the player change the tree size. It's not "fully supported" yet, but it's something you will probably be able to change in time.
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    Thanks for the replies. I see that you already have smaller trees too, so hopefully that will aid you in implementing something. OneFiercePuppy, I think your eyes are probably better than mine! But I'll give it some time.

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