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Thread: battle actions too understated

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    battle actions too understated

    I think the developers have missed out on a very simple way to make the battles more exciting and interesting. Battle events, such as the casting of a spell, are graphically well done, but one has to squint and attempt to peruse through the log to get any textual info.

    In addition to the visual effects of spells or any special battle events, why not have a more prominent temporary fade-away popup up above the battle action - not just numbers, but like 'so and so casts the xyz on so and so!', followed by the spell effect. And have an option for a more detailed explanation of the nuances of the situation: 'the defender is vulnerable to ...'

    It needs to be more prominent and informative that what is currently displayed. It needs to last longer than it currently does before fading away.

    I know you're going to tell me that that info is already there in the log, but it's not done in a easily readable, colorful, and exciting way.
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    I had long hoped for something like a "tab key while mouse on unit" to bring up a relevant combat summary like resistances, buffs/debuffs, and such - you know, the stuff that you can easily get from just clicking on the target and going to the appropriate tabs. But honestly, after just a little while of playing it all just sort of clicked. I do understand the desire for more information, and more visible, but I'd rather Wastelands focuses on fixing the game-breaking bugs first.

    Still, if I could find a way to make the displayed combat log about three times as long and fadeable/transparent, I'd totally hack that in.

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    It's an interesting suggestion. However, as OneFiercePuppy points out, we're having to focus on bug fixes at the moment. So, it may be some time before we can get to something like that.

    Still, keep the suggestions coming. We can always put them in the "later pile".
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