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Thread: A thousand times, thank you!

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    A thousand times, thank you!

    I was a veritable slave to Master of Magic, and occasionally fire up an emulator for the nostalgia. This is the closest any team has come to a new but true release. I can't wait to see WI flesh out what is working up to be a solid successor.

    Halflings and unicorns for all!

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement! We're working hard to make sure the WoM becomes what it should be.
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    Thana: Amen to your post! Master of Magic was one on my 1st games I ever played. I remember setting up that extended memory was a nightmare in DOS. No DOS emulator back in those days. I had to create a boot disk to start MoM.
    Like you, I'm extremely please with WoM. Yes....It still needs some work, but I like were it's going. I found the game on a whim as it was on sale for half price on Steam & it perked my interests.

    Finally got around to playing it this week & it truly is the real replacement to Master of Magic. Played the tutorial & within 30 minutes playing my 1st game & I was up to speed. I like the UI myself. All the info you need is right there for you. I like the fact it was a Kickstarter program as well. From nothing to something with the help from the masses

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    Thanks! We plan to keep working until WoM is the true classic it should be.
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