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Thread: [BUG] But I don't really know what to call this one

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    [BUG] But I don't really know what to call this one

    Please see attached images. This has happened several times, so it's not a one-off. Note in the second picture the unexpectedly high damage in the log - even though it was a Berserk Frenzy crit, 50 seems quite high for a single rune caster figure. Also, though the fight ended immediately and I didn't get a screengrab, the following round the casters killed the drake with a hit for almost 120 damage, so I expect the damage multipliers are continuing to stack.

    This behavior is reproducible when a unit with Berserk Frenzy gets Invulnerability cast on it.

    EDIT: Unrelated, but I'll just add in here that it seems Dracoliches in world features now always lock up combat when they cast Cloak of Fear. It doesn't happen in the Arena though. Re-EDIT: With 1.1.1 CoF doesn't freeze combat any more. Yay fixes!
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