Can we get the ability to sort our cities by the various pertinent info?
Sort by
negative energy,

number of: farmers, sages, producers, anarchists;

army size
best army exp gain at creation,

population growth,
Population type (men, elf, dwarf, etc),
army unit type production,
Plus more generic capable of: (flight units, sea units, land units, range units)

Plane location (What plane is city on)

Possibly others I haven't considered yet?

But make it able to use any or all of these in conjuction. Maybe I want a city able to build elf flight unit with few farmers; order by Highest EXP at Creation, 2ndary order by production capability. (WHY WHY on earth I would want that, I have know Idea, but I have wanted all of these things at one time or another; and I have wanted all listed above in some combination or other, so the versatility of being able to use all these in combo would be awesome.

When using this tool, maybe have a compact city display list which just lists the cities with basic resources listed (production, food, gold, mana, research) and any other player selected data from list above with about 30~50 cities listed per screen ala MOM's city lister (or as many other 4x games have done). Probably having atleast top 10 cities shown is nice to properly make a choice.

Current City lister is only 2 per page, and takes alot to scroll through even with small empire of 20~30 cities.