These have been mentioned before but I couldn't find the threads to bump them, sorry.

If <- and -> arrow keys could be used to scroll through cities, that would be quite nice, since if I'm doing mass city maintenance I probably want my cursor over the build queue or a population button. It's probably sad that I'm so lazy that I care about not moving the mouse an inch for each city, but there it is.

A button on the city screen for "go to world map centered on this city" would be a really nice feature.

A tooltip on the rebel citizen icon with a little extra information about the city unrest might be helpful. ("unrest: 10% (base 25% + 20% Sow Discord + 20% Omens of the End -50% Eden -5% stationed troops" or "base 25% -10% enchantments - 5% stationed troops" by combining all relevant enchantments/effects)