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Thread: Unit Stats Representation

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    Unit Stats Representation

    I've been looking at my heroes and my units, and I've been wondering why I didn't have that sense of "wow! look out for that guy!" And I think I knoq a bit of whats going on.

    Basically, it comes down to: Humans are visual creatures. When I played MoM, I would look at my paladins and be, NICE! 8 swords, these guys are going to kick some major rear end!

    But with WoM, I'm looking at my Paladins and seeing attack: 13.45 (or whatever it is), and I have no feeling about it, because it is very difficult to remember all the various attack levels of different units to compare.

    MoM did it well, I could see my stack of swords, shields, resistance, etc, streaming across the screen of my Unit info page, and I could instantly judge whether I had an uber guy or a wimp.

    And walking into a fight and right clicking on my enemies could some times reveal a "pee in your pants" moment when you realize you just picked a fight with the very king of hell himself! The swords just don't stop ... the just keep streaming across the unit info page, there's no point to counting after 30! After 10 you already in trouble... that many swords is just salt in the wound!

    Similarly, seeing 3 red circles under a unit made me VERY wary to approach or attack, and seeing 2 gold circles under my heroes made me smile!

    That isn't to say that numbers are not nice, but an easy to view and see comparison that is relatively absolute will greatly help players become more attached to their uber units and heros; the numbers could be put into a mouse over tool tip.

    Icons are pretty powerful, which is why we use them in so many of our games.

    And because there are so many more stats in this game than in MoM, use of the icons woudl probably be great!

    For attack, show swords for slash, maces for blunt, spears for pierce (etc), acid mark for acid, flame icon for fire, water icon for water, etc.

    Give differing levels for each icon based on color, and make it identical across all mundane and elemental damage types. Green background is 1 point, Yellow is 5, Red is a value of ten, and a Red icon with an animated flaming outline is 100. These add up to equal the value of the units attack. Walking into a fight and seeing 3 red swords, 1 read, 1 yellow and 2 green flames, and 1 yellow and 3 green acid icons would make me pee my pants! I would be terrified and i would have all my archers focus fire and that guy.
    The same can be said for range (magic or arrows), defense, the various saves (resistance, fort, will, etc)

    At that point, I DoN"T NEED to remember my paladins attack, I just know instinctually because I know my paladins swords don't go that far across the screen, and I only have swords, no flames or acid! I'm so screwed!

    For the Levels, the same thing could be done as MoM, a series of circles or symbols that grow, change color, shape, etc over the heads of each unit or in the army display line at there feet.

    That visual aspect would be, I think, would add significantly more power and impact to a units ability viewed by the user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelemit View Post
    For attack, show swords for slash, maces for blunt, spears for pierce (etc), acid mark for acid, flame icon for fire, water icon for water, etc.
    This part I would like. Most of your suggestion wouldn't bother me (but I don't find it a problem to see the numbers and know what's up), but this part I would really like. You ever play the 1C series of games King's Bounty? On the unit screen it showed the damage range and one or more icons to show the damage types. If just the simple damage icon on the unit screen were changed to, as you suggest, unique icons to represent damage types, that would be a great reminder. But of course, I could also just take the 15 minutes to memorize the damage dealt by each unit v_v

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