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Thread: Game hangs/freezes during "Interact" with anything

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    Game hangs/freezes during "Interact" with anything

    1. Quick start
    2. Advance starting army to any nearby node/cave/lair/etc.
    3. Game hangs.

    At this stage, it is possible to press F11 to quickload out of the hanging. It is also possible to move the mouse cursor over tiles and receive the "light up" feedback we get from hovering over tiles.

    On a separate save, I was able to enter combat with a hero, but it seems that my game froze in combat after ending my turn.

    So basically, this game is literally unplayable, and I have returned after early access to find that I can't play the game despite its "updates."

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    Definitely don't have that problem, but I do see that I'm playing 1.1.4, so it could be that a fatal bug was introduced with the new DLC patch and then quickly fixed. Try it once more, see if it isn't fixed for you. Wastelands has a kind of history (with this game) of introducing crippling bugs with new content, but then patching it up very, very quickly.

    I, for one, don't intend to even try to play the 1.2 patch until it becomes 1.2.1

    EDIT: I see the new DLCs are, in fact, the 1.1.4 patch. So we should probably be playing the same version, in which case if you still have the problem, it's likely something to do with your system. Any additional information about what you're playing on?
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    I have this exact same problem. Submitted a bug report email about it.

    e: Here's the email I sent.

    Every time I interact with a neutral thing on the map(libraries, shrines, etc) my game hangs. Attached a save and the output log.

    Windows 7 64 bit, 8gb ram, gtx 770, i7 950. No antivirus but MS security essentials.

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