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Thread: Patch 1.0.20 Breaks Manual Combat

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    Patch 1.0.20 Breaks Manual Combat

    EDIT: Mistake. Patch 1.1.0
    Auto combat seems to work fine.
    Manual combat works fine until you win (or lose? I assume, havent tested losing yet).

    Game recognizes combat is complete.
    Brings up main map menu (right circle thingy)
    Brings up mini map
    Brings up resource bar
    Brings up resource icons for main map (the little circle things that tell you where special city resources are on the main map)
    Background doesn't refresh, ie: battle map stays on screen with whatever units survived. Any parts of the screen that aren't covered by the above are not refreshed.
    None of the buttons work, (but, maybe just because my comp is still running through enemy turns, etc).

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    More Testing:

    Menu buttons work! So game is not frozen, just rendering is screwed up.

    Can go to city list, magic panel, surveyer, mirror, magic book (and can choose spell and cast it), create artifact panel, and make an artifact, army panel, and menu button. Basically, everything on right menu works except strategic map. Left side, mini map stuff, does nothing.

    Clicking on buttons brings up the submenus / etc, but then when you close them, they are not "erased" / cleared from screen and just start piling up in the background as you choose an item then close it.


    More testing:
    Turn button doesn't work.

    Going back to the main map (ie back to the main game) brings up the city info bar (the floating bar over the city on the main map) but no map. Background is whatever menu you had up at the time...

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    Same here. Had a great game yesterday, updated, and now I get stuck after combat, as poster above stated.

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    dont know why, but working now... only thing i can think of is i did reboot

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelemit View Post
    dont know why, but working now... only thing i can think of is i did reboot
    Unless you don't have auto-updating on, you've downloaded two patches since 1.0.20, and should be on version 1.1.1 now. Wastelands fixed the bug.

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