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Thread: [Bug][Freeze] Game locks up on turn 800

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    [Bug][Freeze] Game locks up on turn 800

    Cursor is an hour glass. Can't interact with anything onscreen.

    Seems to lock up on Neutral or Other Wizard's turn.

    All cities on Trade Goods except one. That one has a build queue.

    Tried removing build queue and switched that city to Trade Goods.

    Tried researching different spells (just finished learning a spell, got to select a new one around turn 798).
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    I have had the same experience with my first two games. The first one around turn 641 and most recently on turn 574.

    I couldn't seem to zip up the AI small enough to upload. The file is 251 KB, but the uploader limits to less than 80 KB. Not sure what I'm messing up there.
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