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Thread: game doesnt fit in screen

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    game doesnt fit in screen

    I have my screen resolution set at 1280 x 1024 and the game set to that as well, put the sides and bottom of my game are cut off. Can barely see the planes to the far left and far right in the set up menu and the resources at the bottom of the main map are cut off. Even trying to play it at a lower resolution in windowed mode doesn't fix it. Does get a little better though. I can see about half of the planes to the left and right that way.I'm sure it's an easy fix, since I can find anything in the forums about it, but I can't figure it out.

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    That's an uncommon resolution (5:4? I've never used that before today). Worlds of Magic is optimized for 16:9, and does in fact have problems right now with 4:3 and other odd ones. Any chance you can play it at, say, 1366x768 or some other 16:9 ratio?

    As an aside: set the game to 1280x1024 to check this for you, and promptly kissed my 4k monitor for giving me so many pixels on a daily basis.
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