Hi guys, thanks for the work done so far.
I'm back now that the game is "unofficially completed", so to speak.

First the negatives:
After all these months, I'm quite surprised to see the UI is still "difficult", but I'll force myself to learn "how the UI thinks".
Roamers are still out-of-hand and are killing my enjoyment of the game. I'm baffled that there's been NO tuning down whatsoever of this issue, or at least a game-creation option to do so.
It's a chore to have to deal with them ALL the time.
Seriously, did MoM handle roamers this way?
I honestly don't remember anything of the sort.
Third let-down is the map, which is improved, but still sports those ugly mountains...

Anyway, having said all of that.
The game is fun and very, very MoM-ish, I hope the journey will continue.
And please tell me how to kill/edit/tone down/cheat away those roamers!