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    1.2.4 bugs

    I'll edit this as I play through the current game and find more. If anyone else finds any and would like to add them in, please feel free to do so (would probably be nice for WI to have a consolidated thread)

    - Currently, the Reach Weapons trait is providing a bonus to hit flyers, instead of a penalty (much like that spell which provides cover was doing). I didn't find ReachWeapons in any of the XML so I can't see where the positive/negative sign got flipped, but Spearmen, Skalds, Pikemen, and Giants are getting an additional +2 to hit flyers at the moment.

    - Wow, I totally missed that the Doom Drakes were made into a 3-figure unit. Welp, I feel dumb.

    - Circle of Protection isn't working at all - none of the bonuses apply to the unit in the tile. (EDIT: mcbrain, I don't get AC or damage resistance, but I do see saving throws being applied. Not sure why I missed the saves working, but I did)
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    Can confirm those bugs OneFiercePuppy described.

    However, I found Circle of Protection to give saving throw bonuses, just not the AC bonus. Can you confirm?

    Other bugs:

    - GAMEBREAKING - Several enchantments are lost when loading games: Wind's Agility and Prosperity are the ones I can remember right now, but there may be more. It sucks big time to spend a shitload of mana and turns on enchantments that don't persist through sessions.

    - All crafted weapons all have base crit chance on 20, when some (e.g. longsword, shortsword, crossbow) should be 19-20, and rapier should be 18-20.

    - Keen edge is still causing weird behavior. I pointed this bug out months ago on this forum. Units that get keen edge on combat may have their crit chance "extra" reverted after combat, so i had some units that could only score crits on natural rolls of 35, which is of course impossible.

    - Sometimes, rewards aren't shown on the victory panel after defeating world features. They are still awarded normally.

    - Hero saving throws are getting screwed up with items/spells that give bonuses. It may be something to do with saving/loading games. It reminds me of the old bug with Bless Weapon.
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    A few more things that cropped up:

    - The Flaming Guardians city enchantment doesn't seem to be working. I let several different armies attack several different cities, and I don't get any Fire Giants to help with city defense. EDIT: enemy SorcLords with the enchant up also do not get Fire Giants to help with city defense

    - Tactical spells sometimes don't continue. (there has to be a better way to phrase this, I'll edit that sentence if my stupid brain starts working) What I mean is, sometimes Chain Lightning only damages one unit; it's not Evasion or Spell Resistance or damage resistance, just sometimes units roll their saves but only the first unit takes any damage. Similarly, sometimes Acid Arrow does continuing damage, and sometimes it does not. Attached image is of Chain Lightning failing.
    Cropped chain lightning.jpg

    - Equipping heroes is still a little buggy. Sometimes I'll drag an item onto the appropriate equipment slot, and it'll return directly to inventory. Stranger, sometimes the item will attach on the slot, but the "empty slot" icon will then move into my inventory, and the equipped item will not give its bonuses to the hero. It's all very strange.

    - I'm still seeing +hit and +armor bonuses on items from Inns that are way, way too high. I just bought a suit of armor that gives 71 armor (to make sure it wasn't just a display bug - it is not). There's no good reason for that sort of thing. EDIT: Here's a typical example. Who wants 91 armor for 700 gold?
    much armor.jpg
    SECOND EDIT: The same item is still available in the Inn, two turns later, and now has an armor rating of 109. I'm beginning to think that this is a problem with lots of saves and reloads - after the first, fast, 50 turns or so, I tend to play just one or two turns then save and exit, and come back for another turn or two. Perhaps all that saving and loading is causing the armor and weapons in the Inns to have their bonuses stack?
    THIRD EDIT: OK, verified it. Sometimes, some of the items that are sold in Inns will get their bonuses (either +armor or +hit) stacked when the game is reloaded (not all, and I don't know what makes an item behave like this). Since I play in short sessions, I saw it as a big deal but it's just another example of the problem of "where in memory is this stored" like hero spellbooks used to be. Still, it was nice to see the wand with Sneak Attack and +64 to hit and damage. I bet that would have been devastating

    - Invulnerability is still so broken that it should count as a bug. You clearly can set a flag on a unit that prevents spells from being re-cast on them (Psionic Blast, for instance, can't be cast twice on units, it seems). Invulnerability needs a similar treatment. Just for kicks, I used single first-level units to clear out "deadly" monster lairs - Archangels, Chimaera, Doom Drakes, Efreet, Paladins, Manslayers, Draconian Elders, Giants, you name it. If it doesn't have Fear, or a Stoning Gaze, then there's nothing in the game that can survive six rounds against a 1st level Swordsman with Giant Strength, Bless Weapon, and Invulnerability. This isn't some turn-800 cleanup silliness. I'm still well under turn 100 and there's no point having any unit other than Spearmen, Swordsmen, Druids, Archers, and the occasional Cleric, Skald or Runepriest I get from Inns and monster lairs (gotta have lots of units with Purify Tile for when I go clean up the undead plane ).

    - I think your damage multipliers are still off. Attached screenshot is of a single unit of druids doing far too much damage in a round, even with three figures hitting and one critting.
    cropped damage log.jpg

    - Neutral Orc cities aren't producing units for self-defense. The cities themselves work fine when captured, or when controlled by an enemy SorcLord, but every single Orc city that's controlled by neutrals is empty.

    - Walking Bomb still causes combat to freeze up or hang under a reproducible situation: x for enemy units, o for friendly, X for enemy unit with walking bomb:
    When X attacks and dies, the other x's will begin to take damage in sequence - if one of those units completes its attack while it is receiving lethal damage from Walking Bomb, combat will freeze every time. (Well, every time for me; I don't get a crash log so I can't rule out that its my hardware doing it) EDIT: It's also reproducible with enemy-controlled units dying from Wrack and Acid Arrow damage while in the middle of a move or attack animation. Basically, the game doesn't synchronize the damage-over-time well with other actions, it seems.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    A few more things:

    - Aside from Drain Life just being too powerful (Honestly, what were you thinking? Full heal for the entire army no matter how little damage it does?) it creates a problem in the tactical combat map. If a unit is damaged enough to have lost figures, and then is healed by Drain Life, those figures don't reappear until the round is over, or the unit is attacked. If the healed (but not yet updated) unit moves through squares which prompt a backstab attack, some of the figures separate from the unit and remain walking in place in the square where they were backstabbed, which causes the game to hang.

    - Spell of Domination still doesn't benefit from research on other spells. Yes, the cost in the spellbook reduces with each researched spell, but when you begin to research the SoD, it still takes the full 74k (EDIT: 70k? I thought it was 74 but it looks like I was wrong again) research points no matter what the spellbook says. SECOND EDIT: Now I'm not sure I'm right about this. It may just be that the research panel shows incorrect information. Next time I play through I'll keep a closer eye, but I didn't keep an old enough save to check. Anyone got experience with researching the SoD without farming the libraries to reduce the research cost?

    - Maxed out Doom Drakes have almost 600hp. Was that on purpose? I love it but it's an awful lot

    - One Slime can kill an infinite number of Chaos Spawn. Though I do support the idea of every unit having a weak spot, it seems like Chaos Spawn should at least get something like a 1d6 or even 1d4 attack so that your super expensive high level death machine doesn't choke to death on a magic booger.

    - Titans are awesome, but they're still not as powerful as a well-equipped, levelled champion. I don't know if that's as intended or not, just making the observation.

    - Minor display bug: every now and then I get a little floating box in the middle of the screen that says "Hit: Miljard Crit: Milion DAM: 2-8" with the arcane damage sign. I thought it was a lingering result of the Weaver screen not going away properly but it happens sometimes when there are no weavers around at all.

    - AI controlled units can make their full move and still attack. It's not a problem and helps make the AI armies at least have a chance, but the rules are different for them than for the player units.

    - Fire Shield is kind of strange. The damage reflected from it is Fire type damage, but it ignores Invulnerability, fire resist, and elemental resist. However, it does not ignore Searing Aura, so you can still mitigate the reflected damage from Fire Shield, just not with normal resists or invulnerability.

    - Ice Storm seems not to keep track of where troops are, only if they have moved. Troops that stay still can take damage after the first round. Troops that move, even if they stay in the 5x5 area of effect, do not. EDIT: Heh. Of course, two turns after I come to mention this I run a unit through an Ice Storm and take damage. Perhaps it was just another case of the tactical damage spells sometimes working and sometimes not; in any event, it *does* seem that Ice Storm and Incendiary Cloud are working as intended. Usually.

    It seems like this post is a little heavy on the negatives. I'm still putting hours into the game because it's great fun; if you're sick of my bug reporting just tell me to stop and I'll shut up and play happily in silence ^_^
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