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Thread: [Bug][1.2.4] Combat gets stuck after using Bloodlust spell

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    [Bug][1.2.4] Combat gets stuck after using Bloodlust spell

    Round 1 was fine. I cast bloodlust on some invading draconians, and they attacked their neighbors. I ended my turn, and most of the army moved toward my hapless thralls. Round 2 starts well. I cast bloodlust again on another unit, and they attack some neighbors. I end my turn, and then The first unit starts to move, but doesn't go anywhere. It seems to be stuck in its moving animation on the square it started on, flapping its wings forever.

    to Reproduce: Attack or be attacked by Draconians. Cast Bloodlust on an enemy unit that will be out of range in a turn or two of any enemies during Bloodlust.

    I've tested on some humans and some orcs, and Bloodlust seems to work fine on them. Draconian Hunters and Trackers will both get stuck. I haven't tried other flying enemies yet.
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