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Thread: How do i get a refund

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mentalepsy View Post
    Of course, it occurs to me that if we ever do get a DRM-free version, it is guaranteed to lag far behind the Steam version in upgrades, DLC, and vital fixes, including that ambiguous "all future content" add-on that some of us pledged for. Even developers who actively support a GOG release from day one still clearly and consistently favor Steam in that regard, so imagine how neglected Worlds of Magic will be.
    That has historically been the case but not so much any more.
    The issue has been that Steam has an auto-patching mechanism that makes it easy for developers to release new updates.
    On the other hand Humble,, direct downloads, etc. require you update the downloads and notify everyone who already downloaded it to get the update. Also typically you release a patch installer so the existing users don't have to redownload the entire game, etc. etc. etc. and it's been a big pain in the tail so developers just tend to avoid it if they're doing frequent updates. This lack of autopatching is one of the reasons wasteland actually pointed to for not releasing on BEFORE they got rejected. Due to the large number of bugs they were patching very frequently after the Steam release which would have been difficult on the DRM-free services.

    That however has changed recently with the launch of the GoG Galaxy client. It autopatches as well and so games that include Galaxy support on typically patch the same day or withing a day or two of Steam. That's one of the reasons I'd prefer the game on GOG over humble and such. Based off the prior Steam release I anticipate tons of bugs and patches in the "relaunch" and it would be nice if the DRM-free version updated itself, especially given Wastelands excellent communication skills I doubt I'd even know when patches were released. I also pledged for the "all future content" so having the client show that would be nice instead of having to keep checking back with Humble or whatever to see if anything's been added.

    Another thing used to have against it was Steam had "Early Access". Many Kickstarters that support DRM-free RELEASES tend to do their BETA testing on Steam via the Early Access. This one did that as well as I backed as an Alpha backer but never got to use anything other than the initial battle board test that was made available via a link in the private forum. Once they went full alpha/beta they did it via Steam "Early Access" exclusively and said if you got the Alpha/Beta by Steam you'd be locked into a Steam release. That effectively cut me out of the Alpha/Beta despite me having backed for them and essentially cut me out of the community despite being a moderator as I had no access to the game people were asking questions about, etc. I was repeatedly assured there would be at least a DRM-free BETA version prior to the RELEASE so it came as quite a shock when the Steam Release happened and there was still no DRM-free beta. now has a "Games in Development" program that is similar to Steam "Early Access" though so hopefully future Kickstarters will use that to allow DRM-free backers Alpha/Beta access as well, it just came too late for the this one.

    Of note though is that many kickstarter games that do Alpha/Beta via Steam only but DRM-free releases allow backers to Alpha/Beta on Steam and then get the non-Steam DRM-free version at release. This one is the first I backed that locked you into a Steam release if you did the Alpha/Beta. They really threw non-Steam backers under the bus once we helped them get the game greenlit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodai View Post
    That however has changed recently with the launch of the GoG Galaxy client. It autopatches as well and so games that include Galaxy support on typically patch the same day or withing a day or two of Steam.
    I can't say I've seen any real improvement in that area since Galaxy has been up and running, but I'll take your word for it that it's getting better. Of course, I'll believe Wastelands will do better when I see it.

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