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Thread: [1.2.5] Bugged feature?

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    [1.2.5] Bugged feature?

    This is happening so much I thought I'd upload a save and see if anyone would give it a spin, see if the same thing happens for them.

    There should be one army active, with two Draconian units on the Air plane, right next to a water gateway. When I attack the gateway, I can control the troops for four turns; three work normally, and on the fourth turn, the units do not highlight properly, but can be manually selected. At the end of the fourth turn, the "end turn" button does not work, nor does the keyboard shortcut, but the menu button does work.

    This happens on various features, usually at least once per turn with the new patch; but since it doesn't crash, there's no crash dump or useful output log. Just curious if it's the game or perhaps just my hardware. EDIT: problem solved, link removed. Thanks, nik_lin.
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