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Thread: WOM Gone from GOG Upcoming List?

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    Apparently GOG decided against selling the game, because of poor reception, even though Wastelands wanted it on GOG. However, GOG may sell it if the relaunch reception is good. Wastelands is probably focusing more on getting the relaunch out before finding a different distributor for the DRM-free version. The relaunch will be in Q1 2016, and will be a large update instead of frequent small updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mentalepsy View Post
    It looks like Fallen Enchantress and Sorcerer King will probably arrive on GOG before Worlds of Magic. Now that's funny.

    I never liked Stardock much, actually, but after Wastelands making original backers literally their absolute bottom priority, Stardock looks like a plush velvet teddy bear.
    It's funny I came to Stardock via their desktop customization tools: Object Desktop, WindowBlinds, etc.
    Their first games I actually liked a fair amount for a little indy company (this was YEARS ago).
    At first they were very similar to what is today.
    For example they made a "Gamer's Bill of Rights" which you can see here:
    In some ways their Impulse client was very similar to what is trying to now with the Galaxy client.
    Unfortunately however in March 2011 they sold Impulse to GameStop and went all-in with DRM encumbered SteamWorks for their games.
    It was a huge change of heart and when asked about it Brad Wardell the CEO made a comment along the lines of:
    "The Gamer's Bill of Rights was never meant to be a suicide pact." (probably not his exact words but something along those lines.)
    He seemed to completely give up on DRM-free software and be under the belief that it was impossible for ANYONE to run a successful business around it...
    Of course now is doing exactly that...
    I haven't bought one of their games since they went Steam-only but I'm happy to see them come back around and start supporting DRM-free via
    They're even in's new "Games in Development" program which is's version of Steam's Early Access program with their bleeding edge DX12 Ashes of the Singularity game.
    It seems that not only are they bringing their back catalog but future games releases will be launched simultaneously (or close to it) on both and Steam.

    If you've only known of Stardock from 2011+ I could see them leaving a sour taste in your mouth but they actually were a pretty cool company prior to the sale of Impulse and with them now embracing I'd suggest you give them another shot.

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