- Text in faction selection (new game setup screen) is choppy running at 1600x900 windowed.

- Negative fame in battle report every now and then (still).

- 0 EXP in battle report every now and then (still).

- Once when casting chaos channels, it was no longer possible to right click the unit to see its stats, an empty screen showed up. Going around that by selecting another unit to bring up the unit window and then moving to the affected one showed that it had both fire AND flying in the ability list BUT under attacks there was no fire damage. Tested using the unit in a battle and it had neither flying nor fire. Right click to bring up info didnt work at all in battle for this unit (not even an empty dialog). Save exists if interested.

- Escape no longer brings up menu after a while (still).

- (Some?) spells do not seem to be affected by the animation speed in tactical battle so the battle can be very fast then once you cast a spell its animation is "slow".

- Might be wrong about this one but I have seen a bunch of negative events where the text states "... has been reduced by -x%", doesnt that become a double negative = positive?

- Would still like to see where I am being attacked during AI turn on world map... If I have several cities next to each other and the attack dialog covers everything I dont know which city/unit we are talking about.

I would also really like to see some of the work being done on the tablet versions of the game and see some of the GUI improvements make their way to the PC version... I own an Android tablet if you are still looking for testers.