In game, when i hold cursor on "caster" ability on the enemy unit in any site - it's show me a tooltip with list of spells that he can cast. And after that this list is "frized". When i look at the tooltip on a second unit with "caster" - list is absolutely same list of spells that i see in previous unit.
After restart game (exit to system and start again) - the first unit that i want to see show me right list, but next and all other unit again start to show me list from first unit.

See in screenshot. It is Druid and RuneCaster here. When i look at Druid first, then RuneCaster show me a spells from Druid. After restart, if look at RuneCaster first, then Druid show me spells from RuneCaster.2015-10-01_00001.jpg2015-10-01_00002.jpg2015-10-01_00003.jpg