Hi all,

After playing WoM for several hours and consciously and subconsciously comparing it to MoM, here are my conclusions.

1. Your GUI feels cluttered. It takes time and effort to get used to. Some things just don't feel OK or natural. For example, it took me tens of seconds to find how to build units in a city, and minutes! to find out how to end the tactical placement phase of combat.

2. Hotkeys. Aren't any, even the most natural ones. Like, ESC should quit any current screen and "go back", and ENTER should confirm any typing.

3. Spell choosing - it is NOT clear at all whether different spells with same name belonging to different schools share a slot, or are "pre-chosen" in school B if chosen in school A.

There is more, but the general feeling is: complicated.

Sincerely yours and hoping you can do something about this,
Your servant,
Hierophant Druid of the Junitsi forests, Kringeldolt,