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Thread: Some issues (present also with latest patch)

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    Some issues (present also with latest patch)

    1. Is there an option to run away (flee) during combat? If not, why not? If yes, where is it, I couldn't find it on screen.
    2. Balance: destructive magic is too powerful. With a flame arrow and a cold arrow I had my spearmen defeat lots of enemies in the first turns of the game (all they had to do is run around the screen). Maybe make these spells weaker, or tier 2, or -- better still -- weak at the beginning and increase in power as Sorcerer Lord increases in power?
    3. City Screen GUI -- not all buildings are tooltip-interactive. I had a Granary which, when mouse hovers over it, does not display its name or information.
    4. Pre-Combat ("interaction") tooltips are not always displayed.
    5. After I had explored a location and retreated from it, is there a way to view again its defenders, without returning there?
    6. In High Men town, there is a ship unit without a name, only a code (and I think its stats are garbled, too).
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