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Thread: 4 issue, at least 3 of them bugs.

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    4 issue, at least 3 of them bugs.

    * Sometimes after battle the "background" of the menus in the world view disappear; the circular buttons in the bottom-right corner remain, but the two concentric circles around them are gone. (I will add a picture when I have it).

    * If I have even one city doing housing, I cannot end my turn, except by keyboard hotkey; the big button in the bottom-right corner insists on showing me 'city requires attention'. If I have even one army which can do something, it will require I do something with it and won't let me end the turn, not even with keyboard hotkey. THIS IS VERY IRRITATING!

    * Cities have an extra boat unit which has no name. See picture.

    * Computer attacked my city with one unit. It was much stronger than my one unit, yet it didn't attack, it just went back and forth and back and forth, until I killed it with magic.
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