Is there any news from the devs? I saw something about how they were releasing planar conquest as the answer to people's prayers, but I don't really forsee an ios game being the grand 4x strategy successor to MOM that I was hoping for when I bought this game. I spent over a year waiting for the game to take shape. I was patient with the consistently bad AI/lack of real diplomacy. I sat through the various iterations of mountains which would always make it hard to see nearby units. I was active on the forums for many months in 2014. I went off to army basic training in 2015, came back, forgot it existed for a while, picked it back up, and found that in practical terms.... it wasn't really all that much different than it had been. The main difference is that now everything is in a weird, practically unreadable font which makes me feel like I need a magnifying glass to see what things say. There are still really weird oversights/bugs such as the insect race having a ship named "unit_405" as if they hadn't had time by now to fix it. Mountains are better, but still kindve intrusive. They never really did anything with the strategic map thing which I'd personally held out hope for. It's just a mess, and it seems like the devs have stopped communicating now that they consider the game "finished." Good to know that making an ios game/porting things to console is more important than fixing the game they already have.