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Thread: Planar Conquest for IOS - Reviews and Articles

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    Congratulations on the nod from Touch Arcade.

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    Except for PocketTactics I never before heard of any of those sites you list. I wonder if they'll give you any measurable visibility.
    Do you have data on those sites already? E.g. monthly visitors, number of posts - total & monthly, amount of games downloaded via links from the sites, etc.? AFAIK does e.g. Alexa not have this kind of data. But I vaguely remember some posts on Gamasutra explaining the technical side of things.
    If you are interested, I can dig a bit on the subject. But that could take weeks till I get around to it, pretty busy schedule for the near future.

    Oh yes, and congratulations from me as well! High time and well-deserved.

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    Well, we get reviews from sites that are willing to do them. Which often means some really niche places. Then again, we're still getting reviews now, months from release. Like the eXplorminate review.

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    I just read those reviews, and congratulations! Except for the last paragraph of the Flickeringmyth review, and the decidedly not-so-good one at Explorminate (for which the writer got a lot of negative feedback and corrections), they are extremely positive. Nice to see that

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    You should encourage those reviewers with numerical scores to get their reviews on Metacritic.
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