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Thread: Post your bug reports here

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    Post your bug reports here

    Hi, if you've found any bugs in the game - post them in this thread. We will take a look at it asap.

    When reporting a bug, try to be as descriptive as possible. What happened, when, what were your game settings etc. Post a screenshot if you have the ability.


    You can also send us your saves. To do that, simply put a phrase "sendSaves" in the name of the save. You can attach other phrases to the name, provided it's seperated by "_", for example:


    We'd appreaciate if you added a short explanation of what happened or at least who the save is from.

    IMPORTANT: sending your saved game will void actual saving!

    If you want to attach some more elaborate instruction to what happened, you can write us an e-mail thru our "contact us" section of the WI site:

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    Resource icons display skewed art.

    Visual Bug.
    Build 1.2.1
    Nexus 6 Phone.
    Android version 6.0.1

    Steps to reproduce.
    1. Start a new game. Choose any game settings.
    2. Once in game tap the expand button "+". Then tap the Eye Icon on the right.
    3. Note that some resource Icons will have the art centered wrong from the art asset sheet. (Silver Ore, Fish, Whales, Oysters, etc)

    Some of the icons for resources will not have the art centered properly and will display adjacent icons from the art sheet.

    Expected: Each resource should have the Icon centered.

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    Minimize button for combat log obscures part if the log.

    Visual bug.
    Build 1.2.1
    Nexus 6 Phone
    Android Version 6.0.1

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Start a new game and choose any settings.
    2. once in game take your starting army and find a world feature and interact with it.
    3. Once in the battle screen tap the combat log icon.
    4. Take a few turns and fight the enemy.
    5. Note that the minimize button for the combat log obscures part of the combat log itself.

    Expected: The button should be smaller as to not overlap the log.

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    Now that we have a Tech Support section setup, please simply go and post your issues in the respective forums per platform.

    Android bugs should go here:


    iOS bugs should go here:

    I'll be maintaining a bug list for each sub-section to make it easier to track and duplicate check issues. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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