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Thread: Official Tech Support Bug List (ANDROID)

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    Post Official Tech Support Bug List (ANDROID)

    Hello everyone,

    Before posting an issue please make sure to review the list of issues below in case someone has already posted about it. If so, please feel free to reply to that thread with any relevant details or additional information you have to offer.

    For the time being requests/suggestions will be included in the second list (at the bottom of this post).


    Bug # - Status - Summary(Hyperlinked)

    [B0001] - FIXED - Hero leveling(Cirrym) - missing description for ability "Spell Penetration"
    [B0002] - NOT A BUG - Buildings - 'Housing' has no functionality in New Cities
    [B0003] - FIXED - Tooltip - The Surveyor Interface Refers To Previous Requirements
    [B0004] - NOT A BUG - Dark Elves - Extremely Low Growth Rate
    [B0005] - FIXED - Bug: Building Description
    [B0006] - FIXED - Bug: Text Color for Saves
    [B0007] - FIXED - Main Screen/Options ANIMATION SPEED and POWER SAVING not sticky
    [B0008] - OPEN - Base world does not move, features and units move when scrolling
    [B0009] - FIXED - Army Abilities/Perks descriptions for Dark Elves
    [B0010] - NOT A BUG - Leveling of heroes to lvl 7 and 8 does not give option for new perks
    [B0011] - FIXED - Missing skill description for Slime(Spell resistance)
    [B0012] - OPEN - AI doesn't use dispel magic intelligently enough during battle
    [B0013] - NOT A BUG - Missing mana upkeep information for summons
    [B0014] - FIXED - Missing description for "Forgotten Camp"
    [B0015] - OPEN - Cannot target the transmute spell
    [B0016] - OPEN - Missing description: Weaponfinesse - WeaponFinessedesc
    [B0017] - Resolved? - Unable to equip two rings or a second weapon or shield
    [B0018] - OPEN - Planar conquest in french


    Feature Requests / Suggestions

    [S0001] - OPEN - [Feature Request] 'New Game' remember settings
    [S0002] - NOT A BUG - no 2nd turn (Make it Optional to Long Press to Perform Next Turn)
    [S0003] - RESOLVED - battery drain assistance


    OPEN - New Bug Report
    IN PROGRESS - Devs have started working on it / will try to fix it
    RESOLVED - Devs have a fix ready, but it is not available yet
    FIXED - The latest update should contain the fix for the issue
    CLOSED - Issue was verified by user(s) and is now closed

    Not A Bug - This is when something isn't an issue, and the game is behaving as intended.

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