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Thread: [S0001] - FEATURE REQUEST - Initial Game Settings Display/Description

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    [S0001] - FEATURE REQUEST - Initial Game Settings Display/Description

    I know that there was some discussion over at the 'other' forum, but thought I would post the suggestion here

    Suggestion: Initial Game Settings

    With several saved games, it's sometimes difficult to remember/impossible to figure out what the original game settings were. Number of opponents, race, game difficulty, game speed, etc...

    The suggestion was to add some type of summary to a 'second page' of the Menu/Mirror page, where you could right arrow (or press button) to a screen(s) that displayed the initial game settings (a read only version of the initial setup screens would work as well). There was also interest in possibly putting a short(er) version on the saved games description.
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    Or even just a "Restore Default Settings" button somewhere.
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