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Thread: [B0008] - OPEN - Map Assets & World Map are disjointed when moving map

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    Troy, this is not rage. I have seen reports of things like disappearing units, hard locks, spells not applying and a lot of other WoM bugs that hadn't been fixed in the iOS or Android versions before they released. The complexity of taking PQ code to PC is a whole other level.

    If it ships with the same old bugs we saw in WoM? Fuckin' bad. No other way to say it.
    And Wastelands will have to deal with the consequences. But berating them for not being able to reproduce a bug, if it is indeed a bug, is unhelpful.
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    I have to politely disagree with you again; it is extremely helpful to WI if they realise they need to apply sufficient resource / investigation to the problem to make sure that it (and similar) problems are never seen by PC players of PQ.

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    Each instance of this sort of thing happening is not a bug, that wasn't fixed from WoM. Probably hundreds of bugs have been fixed between WoM and now. It's always new, even if one might feel something similiar happened before.

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    This thread/section is not well suited to share your thoughts on this matter. Please only reply to bug reports to offer information about the issue in question.

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