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Thread: Things I Can't Do & Can't Find in the Manual:

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    Concerning the city walls question: you don't need to do anything to the gate itself. When you order your armies to leave the city walls, the gate should open automatically. If that is not the case, that's probably a bug and I would ask you to send us your saved game

    About the units: It's like MoM, units that lose figures get weaker as well as more dead Units in mobile version of the game are represented by the 'chess pawn' icon in your Unit Roster. Unfortunately, we can't actually show them because of the processing power of this platform.

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    I'll send you saves next time I see it happen. I've never been able to have units leave the walls to melee their units, either through the gate or a through a hole the enemy blew in the walls. Only flying units of mine have crossed over.

    Thanks, I don't mind that multiple units aren't graphically represented as such, but it it was frustrating not knowing if their combat stats changed because of it. That helps in deciding which to target as combat continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keithustus View Post
    19A. The AI is proposing a trade: some gold and an item for a spell of mine. How do I examine the item to decide if the trade is fair? The item is "sword of doom" or similar. How do I tell if it means a +1 weapon or maybe something more exotic?

    19B. Likewise if they propose a trade of one spell for another, how do I look at the spells' stats? Most people don't have the entire game's spellbook memorized and are offended we'd have to look this stuff up online somewhere.
    It would be nice if there was some kind of confirmation that either the trade was accepted or declined instead of the trade just kicking us out to the main screen. Maybe a confirmation on the trade screen which would allow for further trades without having to start over.

    Also, while trading, it is possible to see the options available for trade that a rival lord has for say items or spells or units, however, there is no indication that I have seen indicating how much gold or mana a rival lord has... could this be something that is added?
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    ok I got something I cannot find or seem to due. First of all love the game on my PC. The item I cannot find is an ability to disable the domination spell or to continue with a game once it is cast. I like playing the gam with max realms and players but the games go to fast with the domination spell in play in my opinion. If there is already a way to disable this win scenario great but where is it I want to play to world domination...

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    I don't think there's a way to directly disable victory via Spell of Domination, but you might be able to prevent other SorcLords from casting it.

    First, keep the enemy empires fairly small. If you only let them have one or two cities each, and no world features, they won't have much of a power pool to draw from, and their research will be slow.

    Second, keep Detect Magic up so you can always see what they are casting.

    Third, when you have nothing else of great importance, cast and store one or two spell blasts (or whatever they're called, the spell that interrupts other SorcLord global spells) so that if one starts to cast it, you can interrupt their spell. Or just walk over and topple their city before they can get it cast, if you don't have that spell available.

    You should be able to completely explore even the largest maps in four or five hundred turns if you enabled Fast Movement on world creation. That should be fast enough that you don't have to worry too much about SoD ending the game for you before you've seen everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keithustus View Post
    I've never been able to have units leave the walls to melee their units, either through the gate or a through a hole the enemy blew in the walls. Only flying units of mine have crossed over.
    Same issue, but on the attacking side. Units at the gates refuse to target the city gates.

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    Yes. MoM was the same way. I used to banish my enemies every once in a while (take over the city that contains their wizard's tower) just to keep them from casting the spell of mastery.

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