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Thread: Things I Can't Do & Can't Find in the Manual:

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    Question Things I Can't Do & Can't Find in the Manual:

    1. Outside of battle, how do I tell which spells my magic-using heroes and troops know?

    2. When a hero reaches a new level that unlocks a new skill or spell, how to I view his whole info panel and not just the stat increases listed above the skills? See also #1: how do I see the already-known spells here?

    3. When a magic-using hero reaches a new level that unlocks a new spell, how do I see the full stats on that spell like if reading it in the spellbook? I would not have chosen a hero to learn Call Lightning, for instance, had I known it also strikes friendly units.

    4. When looking at a summon spell in the spellbook, both on the Cast and the Research pages, and both on the overworld map and in combat, how do I see the creature's stats and combat abilities? Otherwise I just see its name and costs, but not at all how effective it will be, like its AC, movement points, type of attack, etc. Don't make me play along with a wiki or other materials.

    5. How do I equip two different rings onto one hero? Selecting a second ring to equip replaces the first with it.

    6. One hero is dual wielding. How do I get him to equip two weapon? Using the little arrows always seems to select the ring instead of the slot currently filled with a shield.

    7. Similarly, how do I get melee-class heroes to hold a new shield? I have Klickwick and Justicar. Klickwich seems to want to hold both mirror and large shields instead of a weapon, while Justicar already has a +2 large shield but attempting to give him a +5 large shield puts that one in his weapon hand too, so he's holding two shields! Do the three different shield sizes perform differently at all?

    8. So wizards have a slot for a shield but they can't put anything in them? (Why not grey or red out the slot?)

    9. How do I select multiple engineers simultaneously so the road is built quicker? I have to individually select each engineer in a stack and individually designate them to build in order to see the timer decrease. Is doing so necessary or will other engineers pitch in automatically if I only tell the first one to build?

    10. Once I press Build on a building in a city and it appears in the build queue, how I do see the name and flavor text for that building? When I review the town again several turns later, I forgot what it was I queued and can't remember the details from seeing the icon in the build queue.

    11. When I see an army that doesn't belong to me, and I tap on it, the unit cards appear, but how do I see the unit information (melee, hp, etc.) without getting an army of mine close enough for battle?

    12. On the mirror screen, sometimes I have forgotten which spell circles I found in various dungeons. Holding my finger down on them doesn't seem to work. How do I find the names of the listed spell circles without resorting to the manual? Must I try to compare the symbols in the Mirror to those on the spellbook tabs?

    13. On the global enchantments screen, it says under target "friendly city" and other similarly broad categories. How do I identify which copy among many cast is enchanting a particular city or unit so I can disable it alone without having to click through item by item in the game world? Couldn't it say under the target column the particular city, hero, or unit name? There is a "zoom to" button for each army on the armies window but not a zoom to button for each applicable target here?

    14. How do I disable a particular unit enchantment? Both tapping and long pressing the enchantment name on the unit card doesn't seem to work. So I can't disable unit enchantments and they remain until the unit is killed or dismissed?

    15. On my second game (1x-speed), around turn 500 or 600, the tiles on the normal plane began to corrupt first slowly and then after I had gotten little groups of clerics in the habit of cleansing around each city, the tiles began corrupting instantaneously? Am I doing something wrong?

    16. Is there any way to see an overlay of what the surveyor shows without tapping square by square? I would really like to be able to, for instance, highlight or color code all the tiles that may support a population of 20+ so I can shrink my search space for a location for a new town. Something as simple as what was done in Railroad Tycoon 1 (1993) would be fantastic: one hot key turned on the elevation overlay which posted that number on every grid square on the map, allowing you to immediately see where the flattest routes would be.
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