Hello everyone,

If you have found a bug/issue with the game and would like to write up a bug report, please make sure to follow these following guidelines to the best of your ability. If anything is missing, don't worry I'll just ask you to clarify.


The title of your post should be a summary of your issue, basically try to describe the issue in a short sentence. If possible include a suffix that denotes the area regarding the issue. For example, a missing spell description could simply have 'Spell Description - The Fireball spell has no description'. It would also be nice if you could start with, for example [BUG] in brackets. If it's something else, like feature request, then write that. Thanks!

Please avoid writing anything too generic like "I have found a bug", or "Issue please help". Try to keep the title about what the actual issue is.


Whenever possible please let us know what rig you are using, and which build you're playing.


As much as possible, please try to include steps to reproduce the issue. If you aren't 100% certain how it happened, just do your best to perhaps describe the last actions you did leading up to the issue. Following the steps simply include a 'result' section which you explain what the issue is.

An example would be:

#1 - Start a New Game with Dark Elves
#2 - Delete the Granary in the capital

The game crashes after deleting the granary

Notes & Additional Information

In order to keep the above sections as succinct as possible, please keep any comments or additional information at the bottom of your bug report. This could include details which you aren't certain pertain to the issue, or any questions & comments you might have about the situation.


You can also send us your saves. You can find your saved games in:

My Documents/Wastelands-Interactive/Planar Conquest/Saves

You can either simply copy and paste the file in your message or send them to support@wastelands-interactive.com

Have any questions about tech support forums or how to write bug reports?

Please feel free to PM me at any time.