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Thread: Planar Conquest - BETA impressions

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    Planar Conquest - BETA impressions

    Hi guys, if you just want to write loose impressions/feelings/whatever about the Beta, that are not bug reporst, please write them here

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    Not sure how far fame goes and what the statistics are. When you look in the mirror you can see your fame. Instead of just a number can you add fame tiers and titles? IE it can start out like:

    Novice Adventurer
    Apprentice Adventurer
    Journeyman Adventurer
    Senior Adventurer
    Master Adventurer ----------------------After this it can branch off to random titles or titles or fame earned for doing certain quests.

    Ranger Lord
    Lord of Rangers.

    Wizard Lord
    Lord of Wizards----------------------------And can branch of even more with Crazier titles depending how far fame actually can go.

    Master of Planes
    Godslayer-----------------------------------Maybe additionally with each tier you can earn a reward.

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    I love the idea of titles! Gives you a good feeling, rather than just a number! It adds to atmosphere!

    I would suggest changing the amount of fame needed for the titles depending upon the size of the worlds or numbers of planes.

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    Hi there! Very good job so far, I actually liked the first version despite its faults but here it gets really nice IMO; I would ask for more tooltips though : like when constructing a building it allows construction of items / units, but there's no way to know exactly what they are (apart from looking through all items available one by one) Long live Tooltips

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    or being able to see what the items are that you are being offered in diplomacy... that would be good

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    ^^ Part of the problem with that is that the icons themselves are crunched so small.

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    planar conquest is a definite improvement over WoM and quite addictive . one of the things bugging me right now though is that the turns are taking quite a while for the AI to process (25 seconds at turn 46 with all planes & AI opponents active).

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    big step up from the early build of WoM that i played over a year ago. still some smallish bugs lingering here and there, but the game is definitely coming together.

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