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Thread: [B0006] - OPEN - Able to equip hero with a red item to the hero

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    [B0006] - OPEN - Able to equip hero with a red item to the hero

    Platform info:
    Windows 8.1
    Intel CPU i7
    Memory 32 GB
    NVidia GTX 770
    Planar Conquest version: 1.2.9b

    1. Have a game with a hero and some items
    2. Go to the Items Management screen
    3. Select your hero in the top of the screen
    4. Now take a red item from your item list and drag it to the hero
    - The item will stop at the hero frame, but keep moving the mouse to the room with
    out the item follows you actually places the item on the hero
    5. The hero has now equiped the red item

    Screenshot red item for hero:
    Screenshot red item equiped by hero:

    The hero now has equiped a red item and has got the benefits of the item like the armor class etc.

    Notes and details:
    I had the idea of that it should not be possible to equip a red item to a hero. In the screenshots the hero Aquestrielle has a red scale armor equied which is red to her.

    Best regards
    Jan P. Madsen
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