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Thread: [B0014] - Not A Bug - Movement dots disappears

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    [B0014] - Not A Bug - Movement dots disappears

    Platform info:
    Windows 8.1
    Intel CPU i7
    Memory 32 GB
    NVidia GTX 770
    Planar Conquest version: 1.2.10b

    1. Start up a game
    2. Hit the F2 button or the SURVEYOR button to see where you can build a new city
    3. Exit the SURVEYOR mode by pressing ESC key (Not the ree X i right corner)
    4. Now the movement dots are invisible / gone away

    You are not able to see where your units are moving !

    Notes and Details:
    This has happend in every game I try after patch 1.2.8b.
    If you go to the SURVEYOR mode by pressing F2 and hit the red X button in the right side dots works fine
    After the dots are gone when pressing the ESC key to go out from SURVEYOR mode, you can go to SURVEYOR mode again (F2) and then click the red X button then the dots occur again.
    This bug really took some time to track down. Since it was random when I pressed the ESC key or red X button.

    Best regards
    Jan P. Madsen
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    Not a bug, it's a feature of PC's devmode which was active in this build.

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