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Thread: [B0028] - OPEN - Hero count Issues

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    [B0028] - OPEN - Hero count Issues

    1. Maximum possible (active) heroes - only 5 instead of 6:
    When I use the spell "summon Champion" I receive a pop-up / information window telling me that I may only have up to 6 (active) heroes and does nothing / gets canceled. Yet I only have 5 heroes.

    I had one hero through the Mentor perk and recruted the others subsequently. Afterwards I wanded to get a 6th hero through the summon champion spell - only to receive said information - even though I only had 5 heros!
    At that time none of my heroes had died, I neither used the hero or champion summonning spell before, nor did I receive another offer for another hero to join my ranks.
    So I guess, for me, 5 heroes is the maximum.

    2. Only 4 heroes or champions are summonable:
    When I once again use the spell "summon Champion" the game tells me that I may only have up to 6 (active) heroes and does nothing / gets canceled. Yet I now only have 4 heroes still active / alive.

    I managed to get (as stated above) 5 normal heroes. Afterwards by kicking out 2 of the heroes (1 at a time) through the army menue I was able to summon 2 champions.
    Now in one fight one of my (normal) heroes died (and my sqadron / army won the battle). I did not used any resurrection spell on him (nor did I even have any such spell).
    In the hero / item menue only 4 heroes are now shown.
    In the army menue the ded hero is of course no longer visible / added.
    Now I had started another casting of summon champion a few turns ago and expected to be able to summon the champion without further ado after the casting was finished in a few turns.
    Yet, even though I now only had 4 heroes (alive / active) the summonig failed with the Information that I may only have 6 heroes...
    MY GUESS: The dead hero is still countet as active by the System.

    UPDATE for Problem 2:
    I CAN(!) indeed hire more heroes (if they offer to work for me because of my fame).
    Yet I CAN NOT summon(!) any more heroes or champions.

    Despite the message that I may not have more heroes (despite now only having 4) I was able to get a 5th hero again. A hero came to me (because of my fame) and offered to work for me. I was able to hire him.
    After adding the new hero (who offered to work for me) I dismissed him and tried summoning a champion. It did not work.
    Only after dismissing this new hero as well as an old one was I able to summon a new hero / Champion.
    Dismissing all my heroes and champions and summoning new ones I once again was only able to summon 4 units until the above message (that I may not have more heroes) appeared!
    So now this seems rather like a bug / wrong setting in the spell System

    Game version: 1.30
    Windows 7
    Prozessor: i5 -2500K (Takt: 3,3Ghz)
    Grafikkarte: Geforce 980Ti
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    Here a quick update on the situation now with game version 1.30a:

    For my current game:
    The summon hero / champion spells are now completely broken for me...
    Even if I dismiss ALL my heros the game will tll me I may only have 6 heroes...
    SO form before 4 summonable heroes it was now reduced to 0...

    For a new game:
    The summoning works just fine.

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    I am having the same problem on v. 1.3.1b. I have disbanded two heroes and Summon Champion still says I have 6. I disbanded a 3rd and now I can use Summon Champion. I fear that it's because I have a few dead ones that are some how in the queue. I can still get heroes in the inn. Ideal action would be if you have 6 heroes it brings up a list and you can choose one to disband. Also I wish the hero item list also let you got the the hero location. When you have many armies it's a hassle to search them all to find your heroes. Or rather I wish the forge was separate from a hero focused tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordox View Post
    I fear that it's because I have a few dead ones that are some how in the queue.
    I can confirm this idea. I recently experienced the same symptom just before the last update. I guess that would be 1.3.1e.

    Summon Champion failed, so I went to a nearby Fountain of Life, defeated it, and resurrected my dead hero. I dismissed the newly alive hero, and then my Summon Champion worked just fine.

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