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Thread: [B0030] - RESOLVED - Menu Scrolling Issues (Stuck)

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    [B0030] - RESOLVED - Menu Scrolling Issues (Stuck)

    The scrolling in the diplomatic and cities menue sometimes breaks down.
    The menue always scrolls to the top - even while I scroll down (with mouse wheel and / or scoll bar) preventing me from scolling down and therefore from selecting the entries (sorceres / cities) downwards.

    For the diplomatics menue this bug seems to appear after an enemy sorcerer initiated an diplomatic talk (it doesn't matter if I accept his suggestion, haggle, or decline).
    Only after I Exit the game to the main menue and reload the game is the scrolling there possible again.

    In the cities menue I have the same scrolling problem, though I don't know the cause here.
    To resolve this problem though I only need to exit the menue and open it again.

    Game Version: 1.30
    Windows 7
    Core i5 2500k
    Geforce 980Ti
    (Mouse: Logitech Performance MX)
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    Fixed it, will be included in the next patch.

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