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Thread: [B0032] FIXED - Blurry Map When Closing Cities List Menu while Surveyor is open

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    [B0032] FIXED - Blurry Map When Closing Cities List Menu while Surveyor is open


    1. Open Surveyor
    2. Open Cities Management Menu
    3. Close the Cities Management Menu by clicking the X.


    The Overland map will keep it's glossy/blurry filter.


    A) Once the issue occurs toggling on/off the Surveyor or Cities Management Menu will not get rid of the blurry map.

    B) Once the issue occurs, the user either has to quit to desktop & reload the game. Or open the Options Menu, and dismiss in order to remove the glossy filter.
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    That's not really a crash, so thank you for explaining the outcome.

    Could have said something like 'Screen blurry aftrer closing Cities Management while Surveyor is open'. It's all good. I'll edit that right away.

    For those who would run into this by mistake, not all is lost. You can open the Options menu, and then when you close it you'll get the overland map back in it's normal state. (No more blurry/glossy)

    The steps are stop on mate!
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    Should be fixed in the next patch

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