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Thread: [B0033] - OPEN - Reach Weapons, Power sliders, and game launch

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    [B0033] - OPEN - Reach Weapons, Power sliders, and game launch

    Thought it better to post once than spam several. Let me know if you'd prefer to get any future bug postings in singleton. Windows 8.1 x64, nVidia GPU, intel CPU.

    - Reach weapons is still mis-coded. It provides +2 to hit, instead of -2, meaning flyers are at a significant disadvantage against units like Spearmen, Pikemen, Glaiveguards, and the like. Reproducible by looking at what the attack bonus should be on the unit sheet, then looking at the combat log and seeing the +hit is two points higher than base instead of two points lower.

    - Power sliders still unlock when the game is loaded, so budgeting research and mana and spellpower still has to be done each time a game is loaded. Reproducible by loading a game.

    - Every time I launch the game, it does the "Performing first time setup Microsoft .NET framework 4.6.cmd". Not a big hassle, only takes maybe 15 seconds. Reproducible by starting the game.

    Very glad to have this game. Got my teeth kicked in by the AI on turn 30-something because I was sloppy. Love it
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    Unless bugs are related, IE, a bunch of graphical bugs, or a bunch of text bugs. Please post them separately as it's not guaranteed that they can tackle all of them at once, and the status of the thread will be mixed.
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