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Thread: [B0056] - OPEN - Spell animations on world map

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    [B0056] - OPEN - Spell animations on world map

    I am playing my game with 7 enemies who are quite active - in fighting each other AND obstructing me.
    Now during the enemies turn quite often several spell animations are shown on my display (on the world map). Yet - as I am not too familiar with most of the spells yet - I can't recognice the spells.
    Suggestion: If I am / one of my cities or units is a target of an enemy spell have that also shown in the notificatios overwiew / menue.

    The spell animation often don't appear over the correct target or only over the target.
    For example:
    - One of my armies on the world map seems to get hit by a spell that looks like a shower of ice bolts. No notification ragarding this is shown during my turn and my Units appear to be undamaged and have no negative enchantments (rather before and after they have no enchantments at all). So the spell had neo effect? My unit was not the target of the spell? (But it was the only army far and wide. On this plane! Was the spell may be targetet at another plane and the graphics showed up on my plane too?)
    - Some rounds light flashes / small expolosions of white light appear in the middle nowhere (there is no city, no lair or army) on my display during the enemy turn. Still later on there is nothing new at this location.
    Suggestion: If this spell animation is bug please iron it out.
    ALSO it might be a good idea to have the spells the enemy I have contact with slings around on the world map to show up in the notificatiosn menue. (It might be too much if every unit enchantment, disenchantment or debuff is shown, BUT at least glogal enchantments, city enchantments and city debuffs should be shown in the notifications (and not only under the magic panel - as it is not easy to see if there is a new enchantment between all the other enchantments the enemies have).
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    Please try to be as concise as possible. Lengthy posts aren't easy to digest.

    I'm not too sure which parts are the 'bug' and what are the suggestions.

    Try to keep the top part of your post talking about how to reproduce the issue. (Or when it happens) Then clearly list the abnormal behavior. (Results)

    If you have any doubts about XYZ, please write itemized notes at the bottom of your posts. That way you can explain all the nuances you feel are necessary to fully understand the issue without miring them with the actual explanation of what the issue is.

    Just a reminder, each bug should be an individual post. The only exception is let's say you find 3 missing textures. You could write 1 bug (missing textures) and list all 3 in them. Suggestions can be lumped together but would ideally be separate from bug reports also. Makes it way easier for me to tag/manage the forum.

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    There is a lack of feedback when the computer casts spells on you, your plane, or your army. It doesn't display a popup or alert that says "you are now under the effect of a spell!"

    However, the spell animations for world spells are really buggy. For example, if you cast wetlands on a tile and then try to move the screen while the animation is playing, the animation will "jump" to some random tile in the corner of the screen.

    Also, you often see spell animations "hit" different tiles on your plane, your cities, or your armies, while the computer is casting spells, whether you are the target or not. For example, I very often see my armies getting "hit" with the animation from Wizard's Roulette when the AI casts it.

    At least, it appears to be the same animation.

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