So I had a full army, 4 heroes I was leveling up (two of them even undead!) a titan, then a few dark lancers, death knights, and casters. Then I loaded a save game from one of my auto saves (bad auto-combat result) and my army was gone. No problem, loaded the Autosave(old) and my army is gone from THAT save too. So something about my army made it vanish from two auto saves.

On the input tab you can bind a key for "Jump." It doesn't matter how many times I press B to jump, my units will not jump. Default is space bar.

Did you know you can click and drag your loading bar? It doesn't make it load faster.

Why does the unhallowed start you with a Hecuva? It does negative energy damage. I don't want to heal enemy undead creatures.

Why can't you zoom in/out after you cast a spell? I have to store the spell, then find my town, then cast the spell out of storage so it doesn't awkwardly zoom me in and expect me to find my target zoomed in.

It's neat that the undead are harmed by positive energy and healed by negative energy. You know what I can't do? Cast negative energy spells on my undead. Or cast heal on enemy undead.

Armor has max dex bonuses, but I've yet to find a way to see the dex bonus on my heroes.

Also, without an actual class, weapons and armor are kind of a guessing game. A lot of the rules and tooltips are missing for 1-handed vs 2/handed, light/medium/heavy armor.

Why doesn't the death plane have any taverns to recruit heroes?

There really isn't a whole lot of content between "can't fight any of the structures" to "all the structures are easy." Once i get a line of death knights casting fireball it's kind of a cake-walk. I can see that getting nerfed sometime in the near future.

If I cast a spell with my naga the game thinks I've cast a spell out of my spell book.

The auto-switching in combat screws up my spell aiming. I've already clicked the next unit, click cast and have a target before the previous spell animation ends, then it switches me to something that can't even cast spells and breaks my "cast" button.

Sometimes, the "Cast" button doesn't show up. I have to close out my spell book and reopen it to get it back.

Why can I auto-fight ship to ship but I can't fight ship to ship?

Why can't you switch from left click action to right click action? You know, the Starcraft/Total Annihilation mouse interface? I want to be able to left click to select things and right click to do contextually appropriate things. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to select a unit and instead have now auto-pathed my army clean across the current dimension. I can appreciate that you need the "left click action" for tablets and touch screens, FAIR, but how hard is it to add an option to change it?

I want to bind "Tab" to my minimap.

There should be more randomization of battle music. The current music is ok, but it is monotonous.

It takes FOREVER to terraform the tiles around my cities changing 1 tile per turn.

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Also, I should be able to save a game setup. Once I have all my planes the way I want them, I don't want to set them again for each and every game.

I should be able to save heroes.

I should be able to set the formation of my army and have it stay that way for every battle, or the formation should be tied to how my units are laid out in the army view. I shouldn't have to place units each and every battle.

I should be able to drag and drop army stacks in army view to change their order.